Ritesh (Rakhi Sawant’s Husband) Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

RiteshRitesh is an NRI businessman from the United Kingdom. He is the husband of the television model, Rakhi Sawant. Ritesh is popularly known for appearing as a wildcard contestant in Bigg Boss 15. Let’s see some interesting facts about him.


His birthplace is India. Ritesh’s originality was unknown earlier as people were only aware of his name. The businessman got locked in Bigg Boss 15.

Ritesh Inside The House Of Bigg Boss

Ritesh Inside The House Of Bigg Boss


The black-eyed man is approximately 5’6″ tall and, the colour of his hair is black.

Ritesh Pic


There is not much information about his family as his identity was unknown earlier.


In Bigg Boss 14, when Rakhi also appeared as a wildcard contestant in Bigg Boss 14, she disclosed that her husband Ritesh was already a married man. Rakhi didn’t know that Ritesh was married until she married him.

Rakhi and Ritesh both tied a wedding knot and had a court marriage. Afterwards, they also did a conventional wedding at JW Marriott, Mumbai. Preceding, there were beliefs about their wedding. Anyhow, her husband’s entry into the controversial house gave a break to every single hearsay.

Rakhi Sawant's Wedding Pictures

Rakhi Sawant’s Wedding Pictures


During one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 15, the businessman revealed in the first instance, he talked with Rakhi. Ritesh said that he was formulating an event in Mumbai when his secretary distributed Rakhi Sawant’s number to him. Ritesh spoked,

Some things were not going well in my life and I was depressed. I wanted to speak to someone who is not from my profession or known. I send ‘Hi’ to her and she blocked me.”

He added that some days later after that incident, Ritesh again messaged Rakhi from some other number and at that moment, she answered. Rakhi continued,

That time I was depressed. I had a boyfriend, who I learnt is a don. He was a loan shark and I was scared of my life. So I was seeking help from him and wanted to get married.”

At that moment, Ritesh also added that before dating Rakhi, Ritesh’s friend wanted to date Rakhi. While continuing this conversation Rakhi told,

I told him not to accept it, otherwise, he will lose his job.”

Then their love story started.


Ritesh revealed that his earnings were 6 billion USD (2020).


  • In an interview, Ritesh talked about Rakhi Sawant. He told,

I was her fan from the day I saw her in her interview with Prabhu Chawla. And, I have seen almost all her work till date.”

  • While talking to a media reporter, Ritesh answered,

I think it is totally my fault and mistake and my selfish nature that I kept my identity under wraps. I always had this fear that after revealing my relationship and identity in front of everyone because of bad humour, my shares can get affected. This was my selfish nature.”

He extended,

I had two-three defence projects in the past and I could not reveal my identity. It would have hit me very badly. We got married all of a sudden, we met, liked each other and got married. We had not planned anything. Now, I am prepared and can openly tell the world that Rakhi Sawant is my wife. I feel nothing is more important to me than Rakhi at this point of time. Hence, I am ready to take this risk.”

  • In an interview, Ritesh talked about having his kids with Rakhi. Taking about the same, Ritesh told,

Yes, next year we are planning to have a baby. This year because of COVID we couldn’t meet. But next year we are thinking of taking our relationship a step ahead.”

  • In an episode of Bigg Boss 15, when Rakhi Sawant cracked a joke about putting her makeup on and told Ritesh not to get frightened at night, Ritesh responded,

I don’t care about your makeup, I am in love with your seerat, not surat.”


Ritesh, who is popularly known for being the husband of Rakhi Sawant, has currently entered as a wildcard contestant in Bigg Boss 15. There are 4 more contestants who entered along with him.

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