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Trupti DesaiTrupti Desai is an Indian social activist, who advocates against various discrimination and political issues in India. During every moment, men inequality and women stand by Trupti Desai while confronting injustice against them. Trupti is famous for helping women victims. Despite her hardworking post, she worked dedicatedly for the welfare of society. Desai is the founder of the anti-discrimination organizations, Bhumata Brigade and Bhumata Foundation. These organizations save the women discrimination victims and ensure the abolishment of corruption. Since the establishment of this non-profit venture, Trupti can help several women who were declared as victims by societies. let’s dig ourselves into some interesting facts about Trupti Desai’s life, career, and controversies.


Trupti is 35 years old social activist who was born on 12 December 1985 in the city of Belgaum in Karnataka. The town also distributes its margin with Maharashtra. Her sun sign is Sagittarius. Trupti’s family had their origin in Kolhapur. As a child, Trupti was born into a completely spiritual family. Later, her family migrated from Kolhapur to Pune to start their further life.

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The information about her physical structure is stated below:

Height: Trupti has an approx height of 5’3″

Hair and Eye Colour: Black

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Parents & Siblings

Her parents names are Dattatraya Narasimha Shinde and Sanjeevani Shinde. Trupti Desai has one younger sister named Tejashree Shinde.

Spouse & Children

She got married to Prashant Desai and is a mother of a child called Yogiraj Desai.

A Picture Of Trupti Desai With Her Husband

A Picture Of Trupti Desai With Her Husband

Trupti Desai's Son, Yogiraj Desai

Trupti Desai’s Son, Yogiraj Desai

Trupti Desai's Family Picture

Trupti Desai’s Family Picture


Trupti Desai hails from a Hindu family. Desai and her family are fervent believers of the divine guru Gangagiri Maharaj of Kolhapur.

Spiritual Guru Gagangiri Maharaj Of Kolhapur

Spiritual Guru Gagangiri Maharaj Of Kolhapur


Trupti is a first-year dropout student from Shreemati Nathibai Thackersey Women’s University in Mumbai.

Shreemati Nathibai Thackersey Women's University

Shreemati Nathibai Thackersey Women’s University


Social Activist


In 2007, an organization called Krantiveer Jhopdi Vikas Sangh was initiated by Trupti Desai to brawl for the justice of the people living in slum areas. The organization supported to conquer their everyday difficulties like delivering ration cards, handling unemployment, legal problems, and so on. Trupti Desai often involves herself in raising her voice to support and attain basic human rights.


In the same year, the ‘Ajit Bank Sangharsh Samiti’was started by Trupti Desai. The main focal point of Samiti is to protest against the NCP’s chairman Ajit Pawar, and the Ajit Cooperative Bank for professed treachery of Rs. 50 crore. The bank cheated several innocent people by demanding money from them and didn’t repay them. Trupti Desai, in a large public meeting, raised her voice against the illegitimate action of the bank. As a consequence of this Samiti, 2900 people were repaid by the bank after a four-year lengthy proceeding in court. Subsequently, several people gave suggestions to Trupti to commence an organization for the welfare of people. This motivation gave Trupti a new start in her life and she formed the organization, Bhumata Brigade.


Trupti Desai often supports the ‘Indian National Congress’ that was started on 12 November 1969 in Mumbai. The party proffered her access to contest elections from the Balaji Nagar compartment in the next communal elections. Despite her admiration, she lost the election.


Earlier she became a supporter of both men and women. However, Desai established an individual pinion particularly for the well-being of women, named Bhumata Ranragini Brigade. This pinion played a crucial role in the protest that was executed in verses to the old heritage of not permitting women to enter the Shani Shingnapur Temple, Maharashtra.

Trupti Desai Speaking In A Rally

Trupti Desai Speaking In A Rally


Trupti Desai attracted various charges against her under the acts of the Indian Penal Code:

  • In 2015, Desai examined the announcement of clerics bringing out the purifying of the deity at the Shingnapur Temple after a lady arrived at the establishment of the ritual site. She was prompted to examine this reportage and marked to grip an objection opposing the era of enactment and the temple panel. Trupti inquired regarding balanced freedom for women and authorizing them to worship in the temple, solely matching men. The dissent retained securing stronger and the state government interrogated the panel to permit the entry of women into the temple. On 8 April 2016, she meandered into the temple with certain more women and arrived at the Shani Shingnapur Temple. Alongside the attentiveness of media authorities and the entire public, various inquiries concerning the capitalization of the objection were fostered. In return to this Trupti Desai talked-

There are social organizations such as the Chhatrapati group in Kolhapur which helped us organise buses to take women from Kolhapur and Pune to Shani Shingnapur”.

Trupti Desai At The Shani Shingnapur Temple

Trupti Desai At The Shani Shingnapur Temple

  • In the wake of this moment’s achievement, Desai distinct to begin a juncture to acquire women their freedom to recite in all the religious places. Trupti thus grasps this instant to the Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur. The house of worship commands authorized her to enter the temple still the clerics and public from the town were prepared to cease them from arriving in the temple. After the assault, a case was registered in opposition to five clerics and two more people who were next jailed for offending Trupti and her followers. Desai on the additional fist cautioned the authorities that if no step is held against the arraigned then she will rebound to Kolhapur to file a formal charge against the clerics. She also professed that the clerics had outlined to kill her inside the worship site.
  • Furthermore, Trupti stretched her migration and anticipated arriving at the Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai. When she reached near the Dargah, she was hit by an offended clan and they evoked bashing her car’s window, querying her to move back and quit the site. She also derived a call with an unnamed edge that there was a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh on her. After this occurrence, Trupti determined to walk towards the home of the foregoing Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. Although, the native security and the cops’ officers blocked her saying that she might require an invitation before meeting the CM.

    Trupti Desai With The Former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis

    Trupti Desai With The Former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis

  • In 2018, Desai intended to visit Sabarimala Temple in Kerela to cross-question the temple panel to nullify the ancient regulation of not permitting women of menses age to arrive in the temple. This regulation was urged in 1991 due to the holy biases of people. Though the order was expelled in October 2018 by the Supreme Court of India. Moreover, the religious commands still didn’t favour women to enter the temple. Trupti distinct to take visit the temple and at the moment she landed at the Cochin International Airport, she was blocked from walking out of the airport as a huge count of demonstrators was waiting farther for her. Later on, being wrecked at the airport for fourteen hours she was consigned back to Pune.
  • In 2017, the social activist confronted allegations under the Anti-Dalit Atrocities Act for misconducting with a Dalit doctor, Vijay Makasare. In the formal affirmation, Vijay stated that he was on his route to someplace when Trupti Desai accompanying her husband and several jerks ceased him in the centre of the roadway and began hitting him and maltreating him.

    Trupti Desai Getting Arrested

    Trupti Desai Getting Arrested


  • In May 2016, Trupti Desai move back to a Dargah called Haji Ali along with the police force and administered to set foot into the masjid, but she was not able to enter the internal asylum where only men were granted permission.
  • She was highlighted in an authentic sequence named The Angry Goddesses by Blush. In the middle of the circumstance featuring Trupti and her squad, she was spotted exiting her residence with a lathi (stick) in her grip throughout the inauguration.
  • Her father was condemned to jail for six months and a fine of Rs. 60 lakh was inflicted on him in 2019. Trupti’s father and a businessman named Maheshkumar J. Attal were ardent followers of Gagangiri Maharaj of Kolhapur. He initiated staying at Desai’s father house reasoning it was a worship place for the guru, and he commenced contributing money. Following some time, when Maheshkumar inquired for his money, Trupti Desai’s father distincted not to hand over it back, and later a legal action was registered facing him which proceeded on for fifteen years after which, the argument was resolved over the law court.
  • In 2019, Desai settled to stride against Sabarimala Temple, Kerela, accompanied by one more social activist named Bindu Ammini and some of her proponents, but she was interrupted at the airport by the demonstrators. In the next year, Bindu Ammini became a victim as she was assaulted with pepper powder by objectors as she visited the police commissioner’s workplace, Kochi. She was at the office to speak regarding security arrangements for their visit to the temple.


Trupti Desai is locked inside the house of Bigg Boss Marathi along with 14 other contenders for around 100 days. Trupti is a notable women spokesperson and a motivator. She has been presented as a speaker and representative in various gender inequalities affected women rallies in India. Now she is rocking inside the BB house and kept it simple from day one. Apart from Trupti Desai, other contestants of Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 are- Sonali Patil, Vishhal Nikam, Sneha Wagh, Utkarsh Anand Shinde, Shivleela Patil, Mira Jagannath, Jay Dudhane, Meenal Shah, Avishkar Darvhekar, Vikas Patil, Gayatri Datar, Akshay Waghmare, Santosh Chaudhary aka Dadus and Surekha Kudach. The show is telecasted on Colors Marathi.


Trupti Desai Standing Picture

Trupti Desai Sitting Pic

Trupti Desai With Her Family

Trupti Desai With Her Husband, Prashant Desai

Trupti Desai Standing Image

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